Heliguy provides a range of stabilised gimbals and ground system options for your next shoot. Our team has years of experience dealing with and managing this new technology, and provides 100% redundancy on set.

Our in-house engineering team allows us to configure set-ups to your specific needs. From mounting the Ronin or MoVI to a jib arm, dolly or tracking vehicle, running with the Slingshot one inch off the ground or from the side of a boat, it’s rare a request comes in that we don’t have experienced with.

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Our equipment includes:
MoVI M10
MoVI M15
MoVI Ring
DJI Ronin
Gremsy H14
Walter Klassen Slingshot
Walter Klassen wheels
Paralinx Tomahawk HD downlink
Connex HD downlink

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Our gimbal set-ups are highly versatile, and can be implemented in a number of configurations:

– Handheld
Allows for use in tight confines, and the ability to build complex, extended shots around the camera passing through a variety of environments and structures, potentially between multiple operators.

– Slingshot
The Walter Klassen Slingshot provides support for the operator for vastly increased endurance and the ability to shoot extensively, without fatigue. Allows for rapid changes in height – from 1 inch off the ground to 10 feet.

– Operator onboard
Can provide a quick, versatile, budget alternative to a jib arm and/or stabilised head rig on tracking vehicles, boats or choppers.

– Mounting
Our lightweight stablised heads can be mounted to vehicles, cranes, dollys and operated remotely from up to 1 km away, using frequency-hopping technology also utilised on our aerial systems.

The gimbals can be run solo by the operator, though a popular option is the dual-operator configuration, which allows the Director or DOP to have full remote control of framing via joystick or wheels.

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