Virtual reality

This technology is about to explode and the Heliguy team is ready to meet your needs in acquiring aerial or ground footage, utilising the best in industry standards and our own custom systems to mount your Virtual Reality equipment.

Heliguy was engaged to fly a range of 360 degree Virtual Reality rigs on various drones back in 2013, when we first had access to this technology at NAB, Las Vegas.

Since the success of this project, our engineering team have developed a specialised workflow to accommodate VR technology on our heavy-lift drones, and built ground mounting options for the MoVI, Ronin and our other in-house stabilised heads.

“It’s still early days in the VR game, and only two companies stand ahead of the pack, ready to put a virtual reality kit in the house of every American: Sony and Oculus, now owned by Facebook” –

Each Virtual Reality job is different and we are extremely excited about your next project in this fast-growing new world.

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