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Recognised as Australia's longest running drone company, Heliguy has built a reputation globally in the film, television and commercial industries. With over 10 years experience in design, manufacturing and flying our engineers are able to create purpose built drones for any project. Our crews are film industry professionals with a long list of highly credited work. 


The Heliguy multi camera cine drone was engineered to capture high resolution plates for VFX and 3D using Red or Arri cine cameras. For large environments we have drones equipped with Lidar scanners or high resolution cameras for photogrammetry. Overseeing all of the VFX Heliguy has a full time VFX supervisor with over 20 years film & TV experience.


The Heliguy Stratus is the worlds most sophisticated and powerful lighting drone. Fully dimmable, with strobing effect options on a stabilised gimbal for directional control and with an on board HD camera for precision tracking of hero subjects at speed. If you need a simple moon light in a hard to get to location or something more creative the Stratus is the only choice.


We work alongside scientific researchers to adapt their stringent sampling or sensing requirements onto remote aerial platforms, opening up previously inaccessible opportunities for data collection. By developing our purpose-built systems from the ground up, we can fit highly specialised payloads and equipment onto a minimal airframe - If you have an unusual drone requirement please get in touch!

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