Providers of remote high-end aerial cinematography.

Heliguy Aerial Drone Cinematography With Red Epic Dragon

Heliguy tailor custom packages to suit cinema, documentary, aerial surveys & property sales promotions. At Heliguy we use the latest & safest large payload multi-rotor systems that the market provide then improve them. This combined with state of the art in-house built camera stability and GPS redundancy systems make for result that always beat the brief.

The Heliguy team consists of highly trained pilots & precise pre-planned flight technology systems that communicate direct to the DOP who provides custom framing to your requirements. With over 30 years combined film experience, Heliguy delivers results that were not thought possible before. We help turn your project into reality with easy open communication that makes sense to all & provides a safe work environment.

Heliguy are CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) approved operators of UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicles) for the purpose of aerial cinematography and stills photography. Heliguy has full public liability insurance coverage for all its operations so you can focus securely on the job at hand.